Are you Microsoft Power BI professional?

Tehotec Oy is focusing to produce services that support industrial production capabilities and development, which offer responsible and energy efficient acting. Our main product Hitscan efficiently leverages newest digitalization and offers interested companies a modern service for machine usage-time monitoring.

Our choice is to build solutions together with clients, where information’s effective use and digitalizing business model are playing a main role. We are a startup company in Finland and our client base are tens of production based industrial companies. With machine tracking our clients have been able to increase their usage-time by 10-30% with only starting to use our service. Now because of popular demand we are starting to provide more advanced BI-services in our selection.

We want to offer our clients mode versatile services with information leading and we are looking for Power Bi professional, who is also happy to work with our customers. Our splendid work team is looking for a skillful and someone who is willing to take advantage of information and work on customer projects. We offer diverse field to work on, good progressing possibilities and a vantage point in leveraging information technology with Finnish organizations. With us you can get close to customers, and you’ll see the results of your work.

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