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Modified 9.2.2022
By sending form and asking for offer you agree that we and/or our immediate partner can use your information for Commercial purposes in order to deliver our services. You also agree that we or our immediate partner may be contacting you via email or / and phone.

By asking for offer you also agree that we may save your contact information in our Office 365 service and HubSpot CRM services, and that they can process and handle your data so that we can manage details with their software.


Tehotec provides electric content images, pictures and electric styles that are or might be a matter of copyright. You may not copy any images or material from our page unless Tehotec approves it with written permission. This electric content is intellectual property that  is owned by Tehotec or/and their partners. Do not copy.  Any conflicts arise will be solved with Finnish law  anywhere we decide in Finland or in Helsinki, Finland.

Register owner
Company: Tehotec Oy
Identity number: 2860735-7
Address: Lassilantie 12, 3 krs.
Post office:LAPUA
Phone: 050 446 0030

Registry holder

Security and maintenance

The purpose of registry
Collected information will be used:
Identifying customer and/or administrating user permissions. Delivering registered user orders or to maintain customer relationship and customer relations development.

Legimate interests
Customer information will be handled and collected on their consent in order to provide and complete deals.

Register contains
Company name, company identity number, email, phone number,  identity number, username, and password.

Data retention period
Personal information will be used as long as they are required to keep up contract or customer service.

Register will collect information:
From persons, from government public information resources, if permitted by law. (ie. ,

The details regarding any transfer of personal data to a third country and the safeguards taken
Information will not be transferred to third parties.

Using of cookies and similar technologies
We are using Google Analytics on our website for measuring and analysing website usage, which provide us with more detailed information about our website visitors. We are leveraging Google Advanced features, which helps us to filter audiences for your campaigns with usergroups details like approx. age, gender and interests.

We and other Google Analytics users may leverage information based on your Google account in similar manners like targeting and filtering audiences. Our website is using cookie features and similar technologies. Cookie is a small text file that is saved on clients computer, that makes it possible to identity visitors, help logging in and using compination information of users. With this feedback we can research and develop our website content. Cookies don’t harm user computers or files. We use them in a manner that we can offer our customers the best experience possible and customized content.

We are using Leadfeeder analysing website traffic and targeting advertisements. So when agreeing to this privacy policy you agree that it’s ok for us to save cookies, send such data to Leadfeeder and allow them to process and handle data according to their data protection policies, as long as it is GDPR compliant.

We are using HubSpot CRM  analysing website traffic, targeting advertisements and maintaining customer relations. So when agreeing to this privacy policy you agree that it’s ok for us to save cookies, send such data to HubSpot and allow them to process and handle data according to their data protection policies, as long as it is GDPR compliant.

We are using HubSpot forms, so when saving forms on our website you agree that they can be handled and processed by Hubspot in order to fulfill our service and manage customer relations with a help of their software.

If you don’t want to provide us with such information, then you can decline our cookie popup. and most browsers also have possibility to use websites without saving such cookies on your computer. You can look for options from your web browsers privacy tab. Thought the website might not respond complitely in a manner that we suppose to and cookies might be required for some certain functions on the website.

Data usage and cancelling

Securing registry
Information will be saved over secure SSL connetion. Electronic information is secured with a firewall, with usernames and passwords.
Access to information is provided only for those people who need them during their work for maintaining the service.

Automatic decision-making
Automatic decision-making won’t be done (EU GDPR article 22).

Visitors rights
Visitor has a right to check which information have been saved, correct them, collect them, restrict and object processing and take his data out.
Queries are accepted via post mail with authentic signature on it. Articles 18 and 21.

It’s free once in a year, otherwise a fee will be collected.

Visitor has right to cancel the agreement which they gave before or make a complaint for authorities.

Visitor  also has right to restrict use of information for marketing and retargeting.

Tehotec Oy

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