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Tehotec Oy offers innovative solutions for tracking the utilization time of production machinery and equipment, as well as comprehensive tools for reporting and distributing information.

Real-time and wireless
production machine monitoring

HitScan service for tracking the operating time of machines and devices. The service, which can be deployed in just one day, enables real-time collection and analysis of machine data with HitScan’s cloud-based application reports.

Tools for data-driven management
in industrial processes

Tehotec is a trustworthy partner for its customers in their journey towards data-driven business development. Improve your operations comprehensively with Tehotec’s BI services.

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Do you want to know your production machine’s real-time data usage? Or do you need comprehensive reporting tools to improve your processes? We have the solutions.

News about Streamlining Production Processes

Componenta Manufacturing Oy and Tehotec into a partnership.

Componenta Manufacturing and Tehotec Oy have agreed into a partnership contract in which Componenta Manufacturing Oy’s four facilities machinery are added into...

Are you Microsoft Power BI professional?

Tehotec Oy is focusing to produce services that support industrial production capabilities and development, which offer responsible and energy efficient acting. Our...

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