With HitScan, it’s easy and cost-effective to start digital production monitoring using machine utilization tracking. You can understand the benefits and development opportunities that come with it. The KK-priced service’s payback period (ROI) is only a few weeks based on the increased production efficiency achieved. HitScan’s quickly installable wireless measuring system is independent of industry and machine type, and the service scales from monitoring individual machines to multiple locations.

Reliable, real-time machine monitoring

HitScan is the most versatile solution for machine monitoring on the market, suitable for industries such as metal, wood, plastic, and food production. Data can be collected on factors such as machine utilization, number of pieces produced, or even painted surface area.

HitScan machine monitoring meets the biggest challenges facing the manufacturing industry by making production transparent, automating processes, and enabling more efficient allocation of resources and investments.

The service is managed through a browser-based interface, where a customer-specific structure is created based on locations, machine groups, and individual machines. Visual reports enable a quick overview of machine utilization during the selected observation period, helping company executives make better production decisions.

Wireless and Innovative Measurement Technology

The measurement sensors of the HitScan system do not require electrical connections or external power sources. The adhesive sensors installed on machines form a wireless network that provides reliable data transfer even in challenging industrial environments.

The measurement sensors detect various signals, such as motion energy, heat, magnetic fields, or vibrations. The use of measurement technology is not limited by geography and can also be used in moving objects.

The installation of the HitScan service measurement system is extremely fast and practically does not require the use of a company’s own resources. Even larger production units can be installed in a normal workday.

Advanced Fault Code Recording and Tracking

By adding information about the reasons for machine downtime to usage data, a much more comprehensive picture of production flow and bottlenecks can be obtained. Fault code functionality is standard in the HitScan service. The customer company is free to define fault codes for their own machines and basic settings for managing them.

The best solution for recording fault codes is the fault code device (tablet) offered by Tehotec, which enables quick and effortless input of fault codes for machine operators on site in production. Fault codes can also be entered in the HitScan user interface afterwards. The fault code device can also be connected to a signal light, which indicates with a light signal that the machine has stopped and that there is a need to record a possible fault code.

HitScan Maintenance Platform

HitScan Maintenance is a platform for monitoring, predicting, and reporting the condition of a company’s machines. With it, you can organize urgent service calls, schedule regular maintenance, and report on the time and cost of maintenance activities. Like machine monitoring, HitScan maintenance is a cloud-based system that does not burden the client company’s own systems.

Well-maintained machines are the cornerstone of efficient production. The unexpected failure of a critical production machine during the busiest workload can cause significant revenue losses for a company.

In addition to monitoring the maintenance of machines and equipment, HitScan Maintenance is suitable for many other purposes, such as monitoring the conditions of a company’s premises or other properties. This allows monitoring of parameters such as humidity, temperature, air pressure, and space utilization. Through monitoring, work conditions can be optimized, or even the energy consumption of properties can be optimized.

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