Tehotec offers all necessary tools for data-driven business development to its customers. For this purpose, we have developed BI solutions that can be customized according to each customer’s needs.

TehoBI – Analytics and Reporting

TehoBI Analytics Service is a comprehensive BI solution for companies that want to transform the data collected by their information systems into concrete, easily understandable information that supports organizational decision-making. With TehoBI, all the data needed for decision-making is centralized on the Microsoft PowerBI platform, enabling efficient management, analysis, and distribution. TehoBI helps companies better understand key performance indicators, streamline decision-making, and focus on developing the right strategic actions.

TehoBI is a fast-to-implement and easily accessible analytics service for daily management and business development support. Its use does not burden your organization at all, but instead challenges you to comprehensively develop your business.

Why choose TehoBI Analytics service?


Integrated Data Sources:

TehoBI integrates multiple data sources, such as machine tracking data and ERP system information onto a unified data set platform.


Centralized reporting:

TehoBI creates all necessary reports for decision-making in one place, where automatic updates, analysis, and flexible sharing across different organizational levels are quick and straightforward.


Clear User Interface:

TehoBI’s reports are user-friendly, visually appealing, and fully customizable to suit your needs. Displaying desired performance metrics dynamically is literally a breeze.


Real-time situational awareness:

TehoBI produces a report package on the status of a company’s operations that updates up to 48 times per day. This enables timely decision-making and quick response to changing situations.


Resource management:

TehoBI saves your company’s resources immediately upon implementation, as work time is not spent on taxing information search, consolidation, and maintenance of various information systems.

TehoInfo – Presentation and distribution of information

Organizations often overlook the importance of internal communication, despite its undeniable role in ensuring the quality of business operations. Employees usually want to regularly know their work results and have an up-to-date picture of the company’s activities. A mere visual representation of business information can have a significant impact on productivity and identifying development needs.

The TehoInfo service takes your company’s communication to a new level. The service allows you to effortlessly present your organization with real-time HitScan data, TehoBi report business indicators, as well as web content and other current issues. TehoInfo service can also include display screens for distributing organizational information.

The TehoInfo service’s display screen playback devices are equipped with playback software that retrieves content from the server and displays it on the screen. Content management is done through a web browser control panel. There is no need to install separate software for creating presentation content. The software can also be used on a mobile phone’s browser or a mobile tablet computer.

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