Tehotec Oy was founded to accelerate the development and growth of Finnish production companies. Our decades of experience in industrial processes bring solid knowledge and skills to solving production problems.

Experience, innovation, and customer-centricity

Production efficiency is close to the heart of Tehotec’s founders. Their interest in developing production and new innovative solutions is based on a long practical experience in various industries. Efficient production ensures competitive products and services with better profitability. The company’s efficient production is a sum of several areas. Understanding the current operation and its bottlenecks well is crucial in production management and development. Making the best decisions for development without fact-based information of operations is challenging.

Tehotec was founded in 2017, and the company’s founders have extensive experience in industry as entrepreneurs and employees. Combined with strong application development and knowledge of the IT world, the work becomes meaningful. It is good to work with professionals. Experience-based expertise in business development brings confidence to customer interface, and at the same time, we understand the needs and challenges of various industries.

Want to know more about us?

Contact us to learn about the versatile possibilities of HitScan and how we could improve production processes specifically tailored to your company. The presentation is free and non-binding.

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