Hitscan service’s ROI, return on investment is short, weeks. Fixed fee is easy to adjust into budget. Production industry resource optimization will increase output by 5-10% without increasing other fixed costs, that will lead into approximately 20% to 50% increase in company’s profits.

You only pay for the service

Hitscan service is a service priced cloud service. In monthly fee we include installations, cloud services, data fees, licenses and warranty. You’ll get the offer on the same day and all we need is to know the quantity of attachable machines, that will be connected into the service.

Monthly prices depend on number of attached machines. Prices are averages:

Starting 59€/month/a device, incl. 24/7 monitoring. Minimum of 10 machines.

Starting 45€/month/a device, incl. 24/7 monitoring. Minimum of 20 machines.

Starting 40€/month/a device, incl. 24/7 monitoring. Minimum of 30 machines.

Service contract guarantees development.

We’ll make a 36 months contract, which includes continuous development and support and all of mentioned above. Other special services or features will be discussed and/or sold separately.