Sensor technique

Hitscan service’s strengths are customer-environments measuring solution, which does not require welding or external power supplies, measuring devices form a mesh network, which provide data transfers even in very demanding facilities. Services Azure AWS cloud-based architecture and processes offer a high usability, scalability and make quick start a possibility. 100% service concepting offers our client a decent pricing for the whole contract time. Using service doesn’t have geographical borders or limitations and it can also be installed onto moving objects.   

Versatile wireless sensor technique

Truly wireless sensors takes little time to setup. Installation takes usually between 5 to 15 minutes of time per machine. Installer’s expertise and skills about different machines, vendors and models is important. Acceleration and vibration measuring also needs to be triggered separately.

Service that is easy to start

Hitscan’s sensors can fit almost every machine, no matter the model. That’s why our monitoring service is the most versatile solution on the markets right now. Industry independent service fits ie. metal, plastic, wood and grocery industries. Monitored targets might appear in other industries as well.

Did you get interested?

Are you interested in boosting you production processes or would you like to have a completely free introduction of Hitscan service?

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