HitScan machine usage-time monitoring solves many industries challenges at once. Three most challenging things are production transparency, increasing automation ratio, more precise investing liquidity and resource flow targeting.  

Deep understanding in operations and fact-based information makes it possible to have more accurate decisions on how to target investments and resources.

Production industry resource optimization will increase output approximately by 5-10% without increasing other fixed costs, which thereafter will transform into approx. 20% to 50% of increase in company’s profit.

Modern and cloud-based application for data display.

With Hitscan services visual reports your board of directors and shareholders can follow production efficiency hourly, daily, monthly and even yearly. Reports can be chosen to include specific machine groups or individual machines.  

Visual data is in easy-to-read and understandable form. Out of the box report templates are ready to display company’s operating measurements. Power BI is a reasonable tool for more specific adjustments, where Hitscan data can be combined with company’s ERP-data. 

Information display techniques

Hitscan service offers information display templates, which can be setup to represent different machines or machine groups. Information views can be added to company’s information systems. Purchasing information displays is also possible through us.

Did you get interested?

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