Componenta Manufacturing Oy and Tehotec into a partnership.

Componenta Manufacturing and Tehotec Oy have agreed into a partnership contract in which Componenta Manufacturing Oy’s four facilities machinery are added into Hitscan usage-time monitoring service. Facilities and production machinery from Kurikka, Härmä, Sastamala and Jyväskylä are added into the service. Componenta Oyj’s head of operations Pasi Mäkinen: “Project is supposed to unify usage-times monitoring models between different units and push them further to support business decisions even better.”

“Project is also very important for Tehotec because it includes research and development work made together with Componenta, which serves all of our customers” , tells Tehotec Oy’s CEO Juha Lemponen

During development Componenta’s Power BI reports will be combined with the information from Hitscan services, which helps in analysis of machine usage-time and company’s ERP data. This is a significant project in Industry 4.0 -digitalization developing company.

Hitscan is SaaS-based tool for production machine and device usage-time monitoring. Hitscan technology makes it possible to; no matter the industry, connecting all the machines swiftly, wirelessly and without a hassle into usage-time monitoring. More information

More information

Componenta Oyj
Head of operations
Pasi Mäkinen

Tehotec Oy
Juha Lemponen

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