Know the efficiency.

Tehotec Oy is number one industrial partner when it comes to processing production data and refining operations and production efficiency.

Collecting data

Digital real-time data collection from machines, devices and company’s databases is trending now.

Information analytics

Displaying visual data raises interest and questions all around organization.

Information distribution

Visual interface and screens distribute information for your organization in easy-to-read form. You’ll get IDID information screens through us.


Real-time reports support operations development, display effects of current changes and highlights development needs in production.

Hitscan – machine and device usage-time monitoring.

Hitscan is cloud-based, truly wireless, machine usage-time monitoring service. It’s based on advanced sensor technologies and data processing.

Useful reads in the blog

  • Componenta Manufacturing and Tehotec Oy have agreed into a partnership contract in which Componenta Manufacturing Oy’s four facilities machinery are added into Hitscan usage-time monitoring service. Facilities and production machinery from Kurikka, Härmä, Sastamala and Jyväskylä are added into the service. Componenta Oyj’s head of operations Pasi Mäkinen: “Project is supposed to unify usage-times monitoring […]


  • Tehotec Oy is focusing to produce services that support industrial production capabilities and development, which offer responsible and energy efficient acting. Our main product Hitscan efficiently leverages newest digitalization and offers interested companies a modern service for machine usage-time monitoring. Our choice is to build solutions together with clients, where information’s effective use and digitalizing […]


  • A part of companies suffering from covid, and then some are doing well. For some industries the reality hits hard when order list turns empty. Many companies are still delivering those orders from time before covid and new ones just aren’t out there. Now if never, it is a good moment to start wondering if […]